Community Relations Project

REACT’s Community Relations Project funded by the Community Relations Council’s Core Funding Scheme continues to rise to the challenges of dealing with contentious issues on an inter and intra community basis and encourage those affected by the legacy of the conflict to move forward, through the facilitation of community dialogue and encouraging participation in development programmes. This promotes peace and reconciliation not only within the City of Armagh but further afield.

The project responds to a wide variety of issues that affect relationships within and between communities. This can be anything from neighbour disputes, bonfires, flags, parades to providing opportunities for people from different communities to come together and learn about each other’s history, culture and identity.

Support provided to the Armagh Bands Forum includes working with them to develop an action plan based on their strategic plan, the organising of a training programme for member bands each year and providing administration and development support. The Armagh Bands Forum is recognised as a model of good practise and since its formation in 2006 another ten fora have been established throughout Northern Ireland.  In addition to the work with the Armagh Bands Forum REACT also provides development support to the South Down Bands Forum and the Confederation of Ulster Bands.

REACT also works with the Armagh Cultural and Historical Association, ArmaghCity and District Council and the PSNI to address issues around bonfires and contentious flags.  This work has seen a reduction in tensions in the area around the time of the bonfires and an improvement in relationships between the young men involved, PSNI and Council.

The decade of anniversaries has seen the delivery of an Irish History Course by Northern Spring entitled Rebels, Radicals, Royalists and Loyalists which has been used very successfully to engage with hard to reach groups.

This is only a small sample of our community relations work.  For further information please contact Sarah Haughey, Community Relations Support Officer, on 02837526869 or email




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