REACT Victims and Survivors Project

The Victims and Survivors Project is dedicated to those who were personally impacted by the 'Troubles in Northern Ireland'. The project offers support, help, guidance and advice to any one who is a victim of the NI conflict. This might include having a personal experience, bereavement or injury relating to the troubles, or being a carer, spouse or child of someone who has had personal experiences of the troubles.


REACT's Victims and Survivors Project offers a range of services including:

• Counselling

• Complimentary Therapies

• Respite Trips

• Personal Development and Training Programmes

• Craft Classes

• Dance Classes

• Yoga Classes

• Health and Well Being Programmes

• History Walking Tours

• Wood Carving Courses

• Coffee Mornings and Evenings

• One to One Support

For more details on any of the programmes or to get involved please call in to the REACT office or contact Shirley Hayes, Victims and Survivors Project Officer, on 0283752 6869 or email

We accept the defination of a victim of the Northern Ireland conflict as defined in the Commission for Victims and Survivors Act (N Ireland) 2008 and as described in the First Interim Report, Commission for Victims and Survivors (2010).  The REACT Victim Services programme is funded by the Community Relations Council through the Strategic Support Fund for groups working with victims and survivors of the Troubles.